The Pedi (Social Organizers)

The Pedi are proud agriculturists from Sekhukhuni land in the Northern Province. Their traditional villages of thatched rondavels can run into hundreds of homes, each characterized by the stylized low-walled courtyards attached to each home. Ceremonial life is taken extremely seriously and is full of music, dance and colorful dress, which even includes tartan clothing adopted from the Scottish Regiment to this day. When the land is dry, they consult their Rain Queen, Mdjadji, a name that lives forever and brings relief to the parched earth.

Some traditional Pedi greetings and words:

  • Hello – Thobela
  • How are you – Lekaye
  • Sleep Well – Robala ga botse
  • Beads – Meroka
  • Stay Well – Sala Gabotse
  • Thank you – Re a leboga