A Black Man Wearing a Beret

Armed revolutions. Warlords. Machetes. Bloody competition for scarce resources. AK-47s. Child Soldiers. Widespread corruption. Genocide. As I looked out the window of our international flight onto the Ghanaian runway, a flurry of previously latent internalized perceptions of Africa rose to consciousness. It was not the weeds on the runway that uncovered these thoughts. It was … Continue reading A Black Man Wearing a Beret


Juxtaposition of education from wealth to townships

At Cradle of Humankind Museum a quote found on the wall of education really stuck with me. WB Yeats, writer and poet, said, “Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of fire.” WB Yeats is saying that education should not be about snippets of knowledge that students collect as they move … Continue reading Juxtaposition of education from wealth to townships

The War On Space

The value of space in South Africa is something that has resonated with me greatly. In the United States, we traditionally don’t give much appreciation to space we are given, and no matter how much we have, it is somehow never enough. Through our time spent in the townships like Imizamo Yethu and Zwelihle, hostels of … Continue reading The War On Space